Meet the Doctors


The Georgia Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary academic cancer center with a mission to reduce the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education.  Its patient-centered approach includes first-in-the-nation treatment protocols, an experimental therapeutics program and specialized clinics for Phase I trials and immunotherapy.

Every day, our expert faculty and staff work toward the goal of National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation.  The designation, which takes several years, is given in recognition of a center’s reputation as a global leader in cancer clinical care, discovery innovation, translational research and professional education and public awareness.  It’s a goal the Georgia Cancer Center is well on its way toward reaching.

The Georgia Cancer Center’s patients-first model of care is build on a foundation of teamwork and synergy between our basic science research teams and our clinical teams.  With research interests in cancer immunology, inflammation and tolerance, molecular oncology, and biomarkers and tumor signaling and angiogenesis, the Georgia Cancer Center is conducting state-of-the-art research and developing the next generation of novel therapies for both children and adults.  This research includes the work of Dr. Theodore Johnson, who is currently conducting a Phase I pediatric immunotherapy clinical trial for children with relapsed or progressive brain tumors.  This trial has the potential to impact not only how pediatric brain cancers are treated in the near future, but a wide range of cancers in a wider range of patients.

Research.  Treatment.  Innovation.  Advancement.  These are the hallmarks of a successful cancer center, and these are the foundation on which the Georgia Cancer Center continues to grow.