Our Journey to Today

The journey to today has been filled with overwhelming grief and sadness, along with plenty of pride. We are extremely proud of this new website, but at the same time, it reminds us of how much we have lost.

Today we are remembering our precious grandson, Caiden.  The death of Caiden has been the most painful experience of our lifetime.  We knew that this hole in our hearts was never going to heal, but somehow we just had to engage in life….a life that was never going to be the same.  It is so difficult to walk through the daze of unimaginable grief, and at the same time, continue to deal with the drama that everyday life may present.  Dealing with our grief is a daily struggle.  We wish there was an easy way to come out of the darkness, but it’s only through a lot of hard work and pain that we find ourselves at a peaceful place in our lives.

Sometimes the task of fundraising seems a bit daunting, but our love for Caiden keeps us focused and excited for what the future may hold for other children.  We hope you will follow our journey and join us in our quest to make a difference!

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