Mr. Lion


From the time he was an infant, Caiden had a very special buddy named Mr. Lion. At first, Mr. Lion was just a stuffed animal, but he quickly became Caiden’s best friend.

Mr. Lion was a loyal, dependable friend who always stayed by Caiden’s side. Mr. Lion was a tremendous comfort to Caiden when he was sad, and Mr. Lion was always grateful to be a part of Caiden’s life during those happy times.

Caidens Story_Picture 6

Caiden and Mr. Lion had the kind of friendship everyone wishes for, but rarely ever finds. They were always kind to one another, and they could always count on each other for love and support. They did everything together – eating, sleeping, playing, shopping, and visiting friends and relatives. Mr. Lion has even joined Caiden in his final resting place. They will forever be together.

When it came time to develop a website for the CAM FUND, it was obvious that Mr. Lion should be a part of this project, as well.  This is why we chose a lion as our logo.  Caiden would be happy to know that his faithful, devoted friend will always be remembered in such an endearing way.