“One More”

I ache for one more minute,
one more hour, and one more day.
Just one more time with you
to run and jump and play.

I long for one more laugh,
one more giggle, and one more smile.
Your grin was so contagious;
it made my life worthwhile.

I yearn for one more hug,
one more cuddle, and one more kiss.
Your embrace would always melt my heart;
all of this I sadly miss.

I crave for one more book to read,
one more game to play, and one more ball to throw.
It was lots of fun to play with you,
and watch you thrive and grow.

I dream of eating one more snack,
and taking one more nap together.
Those priceless, quiet times we shared,
were so special to each other.

I pray for one more day with you,
for this would bring me joy.
I cannot wait to be in heaven,
where I can see my boy.

To my precious angel, Caiden
With infinite love, Mami