Sharing my Story

I have always been an introverted, private person.  I am tortured at the thought of talking in front of people.  Speaking to a group of people makes me very nervous and makes my body shake in fear.

I was recently offered the opportunity to tell my story.  Specifically, I was asked to speak about how Caiden’s death has changed my life.  Because of my fear of public speaking, my first reaction was to quickly say, “NO”.  Then after a short time, I thought….this is another door that God is opening for me, and I have to walk through this door and see where it leads.  After all, there is no other way to conquer fear than to walk right through it.

After much self-reflection and prayer, God helped me to open my heart to this group of women and share my story.  Not only was sharing my story a part of the healing process for me, I believe it was a great testament to how God is working in my life.  Also, by sharing my story, I pray that I can reach other people and show them the power of how God can change lives.  The tragedy of losing Caiden has become an opportunity to change the lives of many other people, especially those children afflicted with brain cancer.

You see….I believe that God blesses all of us, every day, with the opportunity to make a difference on earth.  I am grateful for all God has given me, and I feel extremely blessed to be able to “give back”.

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